Axel Gearz

Wobble Wrocket

Wobble Wrocket is a vertical scroller in which you navigate your rocket through endless debris fields in space. You are limited by the fact that you your rocket is hard to control as it alternates between flying left and right, or wobbling. Endless waves of barrels, meteors, and comets try to impede your progress. Challenge your friends, and tap your way to a new high score.

Wobble Wrocket is the perfect casual game, that is easy to pick up, yet unexpectedly addictive. You have been warned!


Simple tapping mechanics

Two different games: classic and wobble

Beautiful random planet generator allows you to almost never see the same planet twice

Earn bonuses which can be used to purchase additional rocket skins

Complete customization of environment

Local high scores let you keep track of personal best scores

Integrated with GameCenter Leaderboards

Wobble Wrocket! Available now for iOS and Android


Classc Mode

In Classic mode, you will fly your wobbling rocket through an endless field of space debris. You start by flying straight, but then tap to wobble left. Tap again to wobble right. Keep tapping and now you are wobbling. As you wobble, avoid contact with any of the debris or you rocket will crash and end the game. Additionally, you cannot hit the left or right edges of the frame or else your rocket will explode and end the game. The longer your rocket survives, the higher your score. The one object you will want to target and hit is the supply crate. Collect supply crates to be used as currency in the Hangar.

Wobble Mode

In Wobble mode, you will fly your rocket through an endless slalom of barrels. You start by flying straight, but then tap to wobble right. Tap again to wobble left. Keep tapping and now you are wobbling. You must weave your rocket around the barrels, passing alternately to the right of the first barrel, the left of the second barrel, the right of the third barrel, etc. The arrows will guide you on the first two barrels. Your score in the game indicates the number of barrels you successfully passed. The game ends when you either hit a barrel, hit the left or right frame edges, or pass on the wrong side of a barrel.


The high scores can be viewed in the scores view. If you have Game Center Leaderboards enabled, and have internet access, you will be able to view both your local high scores as well as the high scores from the Game Center Leaderboards. For local scores, you will have separate high scores for Classic and Wobble modes, which will show player initials, high score, and date achieved. For Game Center Leaderboards, you will also have separate high scores for Classic and Wobble modes, which will show the Game Center player ID, and high score. Use the side arrows to switch between high score boards.


The Hanagr is where you can use supply crates you have collected to purchase new rockets and new rocket thrusts. Rockets and thrusts that are locked will have a lock and supply crate price placed over them. If you select a rocket or thrust that is locked and have sufficient supply crates to purchase, the rocket will highlight in a yellow frame, and the "Purchase" button will be enabled. Press the "Purchase" button to unlock a new rocket or thrust. If you do not have sufficient supply crates to purchase, the rocket or thrust will have a red frame and the "Purchase" button will be disabled. The Hangar is also where you will select the rocket and thrust you want to use in you games. Select a rocket and thrust combination, and hit "Launch", and you will return to the main menu where you can enter Classic or Wobble mode, and fly your new rocket and thrust combination.


The Options menu allows you to personalize your Wobble experience. In the Themes section, you can select the planet color palette, the barrel color, and the color of the background space nebula. Choose a color theme that suits your mood.

At the bottom, option switches allow you to turn ON/OFF the background music, background sounds, and use of the Game Center Leaderboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I listen to my music while I play Wobble Wrocket?

Yes. In Options, set the 'Background' switch to OFF and you will be able to listen to your music while you play.

Does it matter where on the screen I tap?

Mostly No. The only time the tap location matters is on the second tap in Classic mode. The first tap will start the game, and the second tap causes the rocket to wobble left or wobble right. If the second tap is on the left half of the screen, the rocket will wobble to the left, otherwise it will wobble to the right.