Axel Gearz

Xmas Xchange

Xmas Xchange is a Holiday themed block matching game that provides challeges for children of all ages. Challenge your friends to see who is the best Xmas Xchanger.

Xmas Xchange is the perfect casual game, that is easy to pick up, yet unexpectedly addictive. You have been warned!


Simple game mechanics

Fun Holiday theme

Xmas Xchange! Available now for iOS


Level Menu

The Xmas Xchange level menu consists of wire of Holiday lights indicating each playable level. A red light indicates that the level is still locked. A green light indicates that you have successfully beat that level, and can replay the level at anytime. A yellow light idicates that the level is unlocked, but that you have not beat the level yet. Simply tap on a yellow or green light to play that level. You can scroll around in this level menu to reveal levels that are off screen.

Game Scene

To solve the puzzle on each level, you must make all the gifts disappear in the allowed number of moves. The number of allowed moves is indicated by the number of trees at the top of the screen. To remove gifts, get three or more gifts with matching wrap in a row or column, and the gifts will be removed. Sounds easy, but you must succeed in the right number of moves, or you do no progress to the next puzzle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be more levels?

Yes. New levels will be released on a regular basis.